Clinical Problem Solving in Prosthodontics

by David W. Bartlett, Nigel F. Fisher
  • Soft Cover

This book takes a range of clinical problems in prosthetic dentistry and gives a step by step guide to differential diagnosis and treatment planning for the dental student. =Key Features •Focuses on clinical problem-solving in prosthodontics. •Offers practical help with treatment planning, guiding the reader through the process of decision-making. •Covers some of the most important areas of clinical practice for the average dentist — including crowns, bridges, veneers, and implant-supported restorations. •Provides colorful illustrations throughout to reinforce content. =Table of Contents 1. Discoloured teeth: Cases A and B 2. Failing crowns: Cases C and D 3. Occlusion: Case E 4. Tooth wear: Case F 5. Shortened teeth: Case G 6. Tooth wear: Case H 7. Posts: Case I 8. Bridge design: Case J and K 9. Single missing anterior teeth: Case L 10. Single missing posterior teeth: Case M 11. Missing anterior teeth: Case N 12. Missing posterior teeth: Case O 13. Overdentures: Case P 14. Edentulous maxilla: Cases Q and U 15. Complete dentures: Case R 16. Failed crown and bridge: Cases S and T

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ISBN: 9780443072826
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Publication Date: Jan 10, 2003
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 104
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