Fundamentals of Body CT, 4th Edition

by W. Richard Webb, Wiliam E. Brant, Nancy M. Major
  • Paperback

Perfect for radiology residents and practitioners,Fundamentals of Body CT offers an easily accessible introduction to body CT! Completely revised and meticulously updated, this latest edition covers today's most essential CT know-how, including the use of multislice CT to diagnose chest, abdominal, and musculoskeletal abnormalities, as well as the expanded role of 3D CT and CT angiography in clinical practice. It’s everything you need to effectively perform and interpret CT scans.

• Glean all essential, up-to-date, need-to-know information to effectively interpret CTs and the salient points needed to make accurate diagnoses.
• Review how the anatomy of each body area appears on a CT scan.
• Grasp each procedure and review key steps quicklywith a comprehensive yet concise format.
• Achieve optimal results with step-by-step instructions on how to perform all current CT techniques.
• Compare diagnoses with a survey of major CT findings for a variety of common diseases-with an emphasis on those findings that help to differentiate one condition from another.
• Make effective use of 64-slice MDCT and dual source CT scanners with coverage of the most current indications.

• Stay current extensive updates of clinical guidelines that reflect recent changes in the practice of CT imaging, including (ACCP) Diagnosis and Management of Lung Cancer guidelines, paraneoplastic and superior vena cava syndrome, reactions to contrast solution and CT-guided needle biopsy.
• Get a clear view of the current state of imaging from extensively updated, high-quality images throughout.
• Access the complete contents online,fully searchable, at ExpertConsult.

The book contains black-and-white illustrations.

Table of Contents
Part I: Thorax

1. Intro to CT of the Thorax: Chest CT Techniques

2. Mediastinum-Introduction & Normal Anatomy

3. Mediastinum-Vascular Abnormalities

4. Mediastinum- Lymph Node Abnormalities & Masses

5. The Pulmonary Hila

6. Lung Disease

7. Pleura, Chest Wall, and Diaphragm

Part II: The Abdomen & Pelvis

8. Introduction to CT of the Abdomen & Pelvis

9. Peritoneal Cavity, Vessels, Nodes, and Abdominal Wall

10. Abdominal Trauma

11. Liver

12. Biliary Tree and Gallbladder

13. Pancreas

14. Spleen

15. Kidneys and Ureters

16. Adrenal Glands

17. Gastrointestinal Tract

18. Pelvis

Part III: Musculoskeletal Skeleton

19. CT in Musculoskeletal Trauma

20. CT in Musculoskeletal Nontrauma

21. Incidental Findings

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