Zitelli and Davis' Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis, 6th Edition: Expert Consult - Online and Print

by Basil J. Zitelli
  • Hardcover

Accurately diagnose the entire spectrum of pediatric conditions with the most trusted atlas in the field: Zitelli and Davis’ Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis, 6th Edition. Over 2,500 superb clinical photographs provide unparalleled coverage of important clinical signs and symptoms - from the common (pinkeye) to the rare (Williams syndrome). Trusted by residents and clinicians alike, this updated classic helps you quickly and confidently diagnose any childhood condition you’re likely to encounter.

•Get the comprehensive coverage you need - from pertinent historical factors and examination techniques to visual and diagnostic methods - with over 2,500 practical, clinical photographs to help identify and diagnose hundreds of pediatric disorders.
•Benefit from authoritative guidance on genetic disorders and dysmorphic conditions, neonatology, developmental-behavioral pediatrics, allergy and immunology, conditions of each body system, child abuse and neglect, infectious disease, surgery, pediatric and adolescent gynecology, orthopedics, and craniofacial syndromes - all enhanced by over 3,400 high-quality images.
•Prepare for the pediatric boards with one of the best, most widely used review tools available.

•Access the complete contents and illustrations online at www.expertconsult.com - fully searchable!
•Get in-depth guidance on your laptop or mobile device with online diagnostic videos of non-seizure neurological symptoms, respiratory disorders, and seizures, plus an infant development assessment tool, a downloadable image gallery (JPEGs or PPTs for easy insertion into academic presentations) and links to PubMed - all online at www.expertconsult.com.
•Gain an up-to-date understanding of today’s hottest topics, including autism spectrum disorders, childhood obesity, inborn errors of metabolism, malformations associated with teratogens, and mitochondrial disorders.
•Stay current with new chapters and revised coverage of genetics, radiology, development, endocrinology, infectious diseases, cerebral palsy, skeletal syndromes, and child abuse.
Face your daily diagnostic challenges, from the common to the rare, with Zitelli.

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