WhiteCoat Clipboard Kit - Pink Pediatric Infant Edition

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Full size pocket clipboard from WhiteCoat Clipboards. Unique design allows you to fold the clipboard

in half for storage in your pocket. Made of lightweight aluminum with the ability to carry 30 pieces

of paper without a crease while at the same time securing all your medical information or important

documents inside. Carry patient assessment forms, medication lists, and all your documentation in a

HIPAA secure clipboard. The clipboard also functions as a quick medical reference guide with detailed

day-to-day information such as basic laboratory values, acid base determination, fluid requirements,

vitals signs by age, and much more. To see all the pediactric/infant specific information on this

clipboard, hover over the clipboard images above to display high resolution details.

Full size medical clipboard that folds in half
Lightweight aluminum construction
Hold 8.5" x 11" inch paper - letter
Folds in-half with ease to 1/2 inch
Holds 15-30 pieces of paper without creasing
Clip to secure all your documents
Hover over the image above to see detail view of medical information
Personalize your clipboard with an engraving. Type in your text to engrave between the rivets on the

posterior side of the clipboard


WhiteCoat Pen Clip:
Get a pen clip designed for your WhiteCoat Clipboard. Purchase a pen clip and get one of our MDpocket

pens. This clip will fit above the paper clip without covering your engraving.

WhiteCoat Clipboard Band:
The WhiteCoat Band is our exclusive elastic rubber band to secure all your documents and prevent

flaring on our folding WhiteCoat Clipboard. Use this band with any of our clipboards to help secure

and protect your vital notes, patient documentation, or simply to hold down any paper within your


WhiteCoat Clipboard Hanger:
Add a clipboard hanger tag to hang your clipboard. Great for storage on any vertical surface.

Publication Date: Jan 12, 2016
Cover: Pink
Weight: 0.410 kg
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