Theoretical Basis for Nursing, international Editio

by Melanie McEwen
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Designed for one of the core courses taught in all graduate nursing programs, this text is the most contemporary, concise, and readable nursing theory textbook on the market. It presents historical perspectives on the development of nursing theory, assessments of concept and theory development and theory evaluation, middle-range theories, and shared theories from other disciplines in the sociologic, behavioral, and biomedical sciences, focusing on the application of theory. Learning features found throughout the text include case studies and end-of-chapter summaries that help to reinforce essential concepts.


--NEW! NEW instructional support
--NEW! Expanded discussions of situation-specific theories
--NEW! More detailed explanation of evidence-based practice and its relationship to theory in nursing.
--NEW! Numerous recent examples of application of theories in nursing practice, nursing research, leadership/administration, and education
--Case studies demonstrate how to apply theory to real-world nursing practice.
--End-of-chapter summaries review key content and reinforce essential concepts
--Exemplars clarify critical concepts demonstrating application of theory to practice
--Learning Activities encourage independent and collaborative research and promote critical thinking

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ISBN: 9781609131142
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2010
Cover: Softover
Pages: 528
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