The Unofficial Guide to Passing OSCEs, 3rd edition

by Zeshan Qureshi (Editor)
  • Paperback

OSCE examinations are used worldwide as a critical part of medical student assessment, yet there is often little preparation for them provided by medical schools. The Unofficial Guide to Passing OSCEs is intended to fill this gap.

It includes over 100 scenarios, covering medical history taking, clinical examination, practical skills, communication skills, plus specialties, meaning that everything is covered in one place. To bring the cases to life, over 300 full colour clinical photos are included, including patients with features of important diseases. It also includes clear outlines of how to relay the assessment of a patient to an examiner or to other doctors on a ward round, and model answers to common questions put to students/junior doctors in OSCEs.

The Unofficial Guide to Passing OSCEs has relevance beyond examinations and is suitable for postgraduate further education and as a day-to-day reference for professionals.

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ISBN: 9780957149908
Publisher: Zeshan Qurishi
Publication Date: Feb 1, 2012
Cover: paperback
Pages: 292
Weight: 1.450 kg
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