Textbook of General and Oral Surgery, 1st Edition

by David Wray, David Lee, David Stenhouse, Andrew J. E. Clark
  • Soft Cover
Review "This book is valuable especially for those in undergraduate years and forms a quick reference book for those in postgraduate training in oral surgery." V. Sivarajasingham, British Dental Journal, November 2003 book comprehensively covers most aspects of oral surgery. The four authors and various contributors bring a great deal of knowledge and interest to its compilation, making it a very eaasy textbook to read. Overall this is a book which should be recommended to undergraduates, house officers and senior house officers. This is also a textbook which some GDP's may wish to purchase for the practice library." Dr Karim Jaafary, Dental Practice, September 2003 latest textbook covers both oral and general surgery...a sound textbook for undergraduate dental students which is clearly presented at a suitable level. It would also serve as a good basic text for those embarking in a postgraduate career in oral surgery/surgical dentistry." Instructor, University Dental Hospital of Manchester, Dental Update, April 2004 A textbook for dental students covering firstly those areas of general surgery with which a dental student needs to be familiar and secondly oral surgery, emphasising the overlap between the two areas. •Covers both general and oral surgery, giving the reader an integrated understanding of both subjects in one book. •Discusses the basic principles of surgery at a level appropriate for future dentists. •Provides information on general topics including wound healing and sepsis that is essential for all dentists. •Gives an understanding of those specialist areas of surgery which have particular relevance to dentistry - including maxillofacial trauma, orthognathic surgery, and management of cleft palate. •Includes comprehensive coverage of oral surgery. •Covers anesthesia and sedation techniques. •Offers clear line diagrams throughout.
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ISBN: 9780443070839
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Publication Date: Jan 8, 2003
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 352
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