Practical Osseous Surgery in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, 1st edition

by Serge Dibart, Jean-Pierre Dibart
  • Hardcover

Practical Osseous Surgery in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry is a step-by-step manual that guides readers through osseous surgery procedures for treating periodontal issues as well as for ensuring proper anchorage of dental implants. Dibart and Dibart use hundreds of color photographs and succinct text to illustrate and explain the most recent advances and techniques for creating the ideal bone structure for each patient. This book covers periodontal therapies including resective surgery, regenerative surgery, and bone recontouring, as well as implant therapies, including socket perseveration, correcting bony deficiencies, bone implants, minimally invasive surgical procedures, and the latest technologies such as Piezosurgery. It also devotes chapters to growth-factor enhanced bone grafts, Piezocision, and restoration of the placed implant.
Practical Osseous Surgery in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry focuses on clinical applications of surgical procedures, making it an essential tool for both specialists and generalists with an interest in implant dentistry and osseous surgery procedures.

Key features

*Step-by-step format for quick and clear reference
*Focuses on the clinical applications of osseous surgery in dentistry
*Detailed discussion of surgical techniques, as well as useful background information on surgical anatomy and structure of bone
*Also includes information on use of growth-factor enhanced materials
*Step-by-step Piezocision procedure
*Highly illustrated in full color throughout

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Body-Mouth Connection: Relevant Pathologies Affecting Dental Treatment, Guidelines, Prevention, and Necessary Precautions

Chapter 1: Body Weight, Diet, and Periodontitis (Jean-Pierre Dibart, MD)

Chapter 2: Diabetes and Periodontitis (Jean-Pierre Dibart, MD)

Chapter 3: Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (Jean-Pierre Dibart, MD)

Chapter 4: Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Diseases (Jean-Pierre Dibart, MD)

Chapter 5: Periodontitis, Arthritis,and Osteoporosis (Jean-Pierre Dibart, MD)

Section 2: Osseous Surgery in Periodontal Therapy

Chapter 6: Resective Osseous Surgery (Oreste Zanni, DDS)

Chapter 7: Regenerative Surgery: The Use of Growth Factor–Enhanced Bone Grafts (Ulrike Schultze-Späete, DMD, PhD, and Rayyan Kayal, DMD, DSc)

Section 3: Osseous Surgery in Implant Therapy

Chapter 8: Introduction, History, and the Emergence of Prosthetically Driven Implant Placement (Steven Morgano, DMD)

Chapter 9: Interpretation of the Preoperative CT Scan: The Relationship ofAnatomy and Occlusion to Implant Placement (Albert M Price, DMD,DSc)

Chapter 10: Immediate Implants: Controversy or Risk Assessment? (Albert M Price, DMD, DSc)

Chapter 11: Atraumatic Piezosurgical Extractions: A Solution for Bone Preservation (Yves Macia, DDS, and Francis Louise, DDS)

Chapter 12: The Minimally Invasive Maxillary Sinus Surgery

Part 1: (Serge Dibart, DMD)

Part 2: (Yves Macia, DDS, and Francis Louise, DDS)

Part 3: (Serge Dibart, DMD)

Chapter 13: The Narrow Ridge in the Maxilla and the Mandible and Its Correction: Ridge Splitting Using Piezoelectric Surgery and Grafting with or without Simultaneous Implant Placement (Rima Abdallah, BDS,CAGS,DSc, and Serge Dibart, DMD)

Chapter 14: Autogenous Block Grafts (Luigi Montesani, MD, DMD)

Section 4: Osseous Surgery in Orthodontic Therapy

Chapter 15: Piezocision: Minimally Invasive Periodontally Accelerated Orthodontic Tooth Movement Procedure (Serge Dibart, DMD)

Section 5: Future Directions and Dilemmas

Chapter 16: Computer-Assisted Implant Dentistry: Possibilities and Limitations (Saynur Vardar-Sengul, DDS, PhD, CAGS)

Chapter 17: Endodontic Microsurgery or Dental Implants? (Obadah Attar, BDS, Cert. Endodontics, Fellowship Implantology)

Section 6: Restoration of the Placed Implant

Chapter 18: What Every Surgeon Needs to Know About Implant-Supported Prosthodontics (Steven M. Morgano, DMD, Mohamad Koutrach, DDS, Fahad Al-Harbi, BDS, MSD, FACP, DScD)

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