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This handy, well illustrated guide covers all aspects of patient examination. Carry this practical text with you so you can review the questions you should include as part of your history taking, the examination techniques you should use for different body systems and the presenting signs of common disorders. The new fourth edition includes over 130 colour illustrations as well as text boxes to aid revision and help in daily clinical duties. =Key Features *The history-taking and examination coverage will be invaluable to students faced with real-life patients for the first time by highlighting the most things to remember *The signs & symptoms sections describe the most important diseases associated with each body system *The various icon boxes highlight and summarise information on a range of issues relevant to history and examination: the elderly, emergency situations, Questions to Ask, etc *Colour photographs depict the clinical manifestations as they present in real-life and ‘real-life’ examination techniques *Colour diagrams clarify examination technique =Table of Contents • Medical Record, Medical History and Interviewing Technique • General Examination • Skin, nails and hair • Ear, Nose and Throat • Respiratory System • The Heart and Cardiovascular System • The Abdomen • Female Breasts and Genitalia • The Male Genitalia • Bone, Joints and Muscle • The Nervous System • Infants and Children
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ISBN: 9780723434658
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 288
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