Pediatric Practice: Infectious Diseases, 1st Edition

by by Samir Shah
  • Soft Cover
The most practice-oriented guide to diagnosing and managing infectious diseases in children "...will serve as a valuable resource for medical students, residents, pediatricians, family physicians, emergency department physicians, pediatric nurses, and pediatric infectious disease specialists....I will put it in my library where I practice and will use it especially when I am looking for an algorithm for diagnosis or treatment or seeking photographs or illustrations of a specific disease. I will use other sections for teaching hospital residents about specific infections. It is reasonably priced and covers a large amount of clinical care applicable to adults and children."--JAMA Part of the Pediatric Practice series, Pediatric Practice: Infectious Diseases is filled with practical, clinically relevant guidance for successful infectious disease management. The care of the patient forms the core of this indispensable resource, which also provides perspectives on epidemiology, pathophysiology, and diagnosis that every pediatrician, infectious disease specialist, and pediatric nurse needs to know. The book's high-yield coverage includes detailed, yet precise overviews of specific infections and their etiology, along with proven diagnostic and management strategies that you can incorporate into your practice right away. *Tips that tell you what you must know--and what you must do--at every stage of care *Diagnostic and treatment algorithms *Signs/Symptoms and Differential Diagnosis boxes *"When to Refer" boxes, which examine all the relevant clinical considerations *Diagnostic Tests--with a realistic emphasis on the rights tests to order *Medical Treatment coverage that includes drugs, dosages, and administration in an easy-to-read tabular format *Convenient icons and a templated chapter design *Numerous clinical color photos and didactic diagrams
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ISBN: 9780071489249
Publisher: Mc Graw-Hill Medical
Publication Date: Jan 3, 2009
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 806
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