Pass Finals, 3rd Edition

by Geoff Smith
  • Softcover

Pass Finals is a notes-style summary of the key facts to know for the diagnosis and management of important diseases. The book relates to Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine, and it's synoptic

approach is intended to help time-poor students with revision for final exams in medicine. Information is presented as bullet point lists and short summaries. There are also practice self-assessment

questions at the end of each chapter, with explanatory answers at the end of the book.

• Focuses on the most important medical specialities, including cardiology, neurology, GI, and respiratory medicine • Introductory chapters give tips on preparing for exams and explanations of the types of questions that will be encountered • Important background information on pharmacology, radiology and imaging and clinical investigations is covered in discrete chapters • Uses a basic outline for explaining each disease – physical examination, investigations and management – summarised in a succinct and clear way

• Examples of OSCE stations and advice on how to approach them included in all chapters • Increased use of line diagrams and breakout boxes for the important topics • X-ray images and CT scans added • More self-assessment questions

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Publication Date: Jan 4, 2013
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