Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis, 3rd Edition

by Huw Llewelyn, Hock Aun Ang, Keir Lewis, Anees Al-Abdullah
  • Paperback

Now revised for its third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis provides a concise and practical summary of the reasoning processes behind clear and confident diagnosis. The handbook is set out systematically with symptoms and signs through each specialty, and includes a detailed description of the basis of logical evidence-based differential diagnosis.
This new edition has been updated with clearer diagrams and brand new images. Including rarer diagnoses alongside the common conditions, and vital information about longer-term management alongside the initial treatments, this handbook will ensure your excellence and confidence no matter what signs and symptoms your patient presents with. Providing practical help when dealing with problems outside your area of expertise or with unforeseen situations, you can be sure that this handbook will be your perfect companion to clear and confident diagnoses throughout your medical career.

Table of Contents

1. The diagnostic process
2. Interpreting the history and examination
3. General and endocrine symptoms and physical signs
4. Skin symptoms and physical signs
5. Cardiovascular symptoms and physical signs
6. Respiratory symptoms and physical signs
7. Gastrointestinal symptoms and physical signs
8. Urological and gynaecological symptoms and physical signs
9. Joint, limb, and back symptoms and physical signs
10. Psychiatric and neurological symptoms and physical signs
11. Laboratory tests
12. Chest x-rays
13. Making the diagnostic process evidence-based

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ISBN: 9780199679867
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: Jan 10, 2014
Cover: paperback
Pages: 696
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