Oral Surgery for the General Dentist: A Step-by-Step Practical Approach Manual , 2nd Edition

by Lawrence I. Gaum, DDS, FADSA, FICD, FADI
  • Spiral Bound

Oral Surgery for the General Dentist is written specifically for the general dental practitioner. This step-by-step clinical manual illustrates general, everyday oral surgical procedures and provides the knowledge to perform these procedures with competency. "Finally, a no-nonsense manual specifically written for the general dentist that actually teaches good 'bread and butter' general oral surgery in a step-by-step fashion accompanied by numerous color photographs." - Dr Charles Balaban, DDS, FADI Benefits Dental students are often inadequately trained in, or exposed to, oral surgery techniques while in school. This practical resource details commonly encountered dental conditions requiring surgical intervention and includes hundreds of full color photographs. This manual is a must for every general dentist! Contents •Surgical Techniques ?Teeth ?Cysts ?Hyperplastic Tissue ?Soft Tissue Tumors ?Removal of Tori ?Removal of Exostosis ?Removal of an Odontoma ?Impacted Cuspids ?Removal of a Stone in the Submandibular Duct ?Frenectomies (preprosthetic, preorthodontic, ankyloglossia) •Incision and Drainage •Sutures and the Square Knot •Postoperative Surgical Considerations •Special Topics Features •Over 40 surgical cases with over 660 color photographs •20 new surgical cases included within 12 new sections •Photographs of instruments and descriptions of their use accompany each surgical case - no more guessing as to what instruments to use •The “ART” mandibular block technique will reduce your failure rate •How to properly treat a dry socket •What to do when roots fracture

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ISBN: 9781591952879
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Publication Date: Jan 2, 2011
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Pages: 252
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