Netter's Orthopaedic Clinical Examination, 2nd edition: An Evidence-Based Approach

by Joshua Cleland, Shane Koppenhaver
  • Softcover

Netter’s Orthopaedic Clinical Examination: An Evidence-Based Approach, by Joshua Cleland and Shane Koppenhaver, helps you apply best practices to get the most clinically significant information from each physical examination. Classic Netter artwork and anatomy/biomechanics tables provide a handy anatomy and pathophysiology overview, while an evidence-based approach helps you focus on the examination techniques, tests, and measures that have been proven to yield the most meaningful diagnostic findings.

• Evidence-based information allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the clinical tests available and review recent studies quickly to determine which test will best predict a specific diagnosis.

• Netter images and discussions of anatomy and biomechanics enhance your understanding of the orthopedic anatomy and pathology of each joint.

• A "Summary and Recommendations" table in each chapter helps you review the available clinical evidence at a glance.

• An assessment of study quality (QUADAS) appendix and icons identifying study quality draw your attention to top quality studies and help you understand why some studies were included and others omitted.

• A scale added to reliability tables makes it easy to focus on approaches and tests with the highest reliability.

• A concise tabular approach to terminology and statistics makes terms and equations easier to understand.

• Information has been organized to parallel the structure of a clinical orthopedic examination.

"Get the most clinically significant information from the orthopaedic examination."



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ISBN: 9781437713848
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Publication Date: Jan 7, 2010
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