MRCP 1 Last Minute Practice Questions, 2nd edition

by by Dr Stephen Waring and Dr Philip Ambery
  • Soft Cover
This popular best seller has been completely updated and is essential for last minute practice of Best of Five questions in preparation for the MRCP 1 examination. •1,000 questions in the Best of Five format covering all subject areas on the Royal College syllabus •Short, concise explanations cover the essential facts candidates need to know •Written by experienced authors who have unparalleled access to candidates who have recently sat the exam. “I used the first edition of this book after recommendation from a senior colleague and found it really helpful. This book has loads of questions which cover the syllabus. Invaluable for the last few weeks of cramming before the exam.” ST2 Manchester
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ISBN: 9781905635634
Series: PasTest
Publisher: PasTest
Publication Date: Jan 12, 2009
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 632
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