Mosby's Medical Terminology Flash Cards, 4th Edition

by Mosby
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Boost your med term confidence, grades, and test scores with Mosby's Medical Terminology Flash Cards, 4th Edition. Updated with the latest medical terms and illustrations, this collection of 650 full-color flash cards helps you memorize the prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms used to build medical terms. The comprehensive deck includes word-building examples and Spanish translations to help you master the terms in a multitude of ways. And with their functional and durable design, these cards make the perfect review tool for on-the-go study.


New to this Edition

  •    NEW! 50 additional cards have been added to the deck to fully cover body system word parts.


Key Features

  •    Comprehensive collection of terms provides all the word parts you need to learn medical terminology.
  •    Over 560 full color images help bring terminology to life and aid in retention.
  •    Word-building examples demonstrate how word parts are used to create medical terms - including the most commonly diagnosed diseases and disorders, as well as treatments and procedures.
  •    Durable, hole-punched design allow you to assemble sets of cards on a metal ring or cord for study on the go.
  •    Spanish translations are included to aid Spanish speakers in learning English terms and English speakers in caring for Spanish-speaking patients.
  •    Color-coded word parts help you identify the terms as a suffix, prefix, or combining form.
  •    Included booklet offers an indexed list of cards by body system and offers suggestions for study.
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