Mims' Medical Microbiology: With STUDENT CONSULT online access, International Edition, 4th Edition

by by Richard Goering, Ivan Roitt, Cedric Mims, Peter L. Chiodini, Hazel Dockrell
  • Soft Cover

Mims’ Medical Microbiology offers you thorough and up-to-date coverage of microbiology and basic immunology, through a clinically relevant, systems-based approach. It emphasises the microbiology of the agents causing disease, and the diseases affecting individual organ systems. Through thorough cross referencing, you can easily find what you need, whether seeking information from a systems or a microbe perspective. Nearly 500 illustrations help you to visualise the subject! = Reviews "This is a useful book for understanding immunology, as it puts it across in a clear and concise way. It also clarifies microbe classification, beyond what you find in clinical books. The depth of the information in the book is easy to follow and understand, and is good level for any medical student. The book also comes with access to student consult, with all its online goodies. With its easy to use layout and useful summaries at the end of each section it will also be helpful during revision, especially to clear up any areas of difficulty. To top it off it even has little historical information boxes to provide a break from studying." Medical Student, Glasgow University, UK "I found myself wishing that I had been able to access such a textbook during my own training back in the eighties. Overall this book is an impressive achievement. It is clearly written, makes great use of full colour diagrams, illustration and pictures. It is up to date and is written by leaders in the field. The contribution of Peter Chiodini to this textbook results in an excellent coverage of modern parasitology...an excellent textbook to accompany an undergraduate medical course in medical microbiology." Professor John Croall, The Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists. April 2008, Number 142 BMA Book Awards 2008 - Commended "I like the way the book is set out focusing on the interactions between host and pathogen. It’s easy to find information with clear tables, illustrations, good subject headings etc. Information is well-summarised in various sections including "Pathogen parade". This book is a very good holistic approach to learning microbiology with a focus not only on pathogens but on the complex relationships with the host. There is a right amount of detail for the intended readership with information clearly summarised. The excellent accompanying illustrations enhance the text." •Systems-based approach to microbiology reflects integrated and case-based teaching •Stresses the role of the immune system in infectious disease, in line with the move towards integrated, systems-based teaching (where for example diseases like meningitis are taught as part of a Nervous system module) •Chapter Introduction boxes (now revised to be in bullet points), Summary Headings throughout each chapter and Key Facts boxes at the end of each chapter allow easy access to key concepts, and valuable review tools •Extensively cross-referenced Pathogen Review section means the reader can navigate the text either through a systems-based or a pathogen-based path, as they choose •Wide range of questions available on www.studentconsult.com

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Publication Date: Jan 10, 2010
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