Manual of Temporomandibular Disorders

by Edward F. Wright
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Manual of Temporomandibular Disorders, Third Edition is a handbook of information on temporomandibular disorders and an array of medical and dental conditions that affect the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), masticatory muscles, and contiguous structures. The book provides evidence-based, clinically practical information that allows dentists to diagnose TMD accurately, rule out disorders that mimic TMD (that is, make a differential diagnosis), and provide effective therapy for most patients. This book offers comprehensive coverage in a compact package. In a conversational tone, Dr. Wright focuses on solving TMD problems at chairside. The author’s crisp, engaging writing style allows the clinician to find precise answers quickly, without wading through a morass of detail.

Changes to this third edition include: integration of sleep apnea with TMD (including graphs from studies about TMD aggravation and occlusal changes from oral sleep apnea appliances); expansion of the Topical Medications section including new topical medications (including efficacy graphs); expansion of the Nutritional Supplements section (including efficacy graphs); techniques for preventing TMD aggravation from dental treatment; more tables summarizing material; updated patient handouts; revised terminology to correspond with the newly recommended terminology; and completely updated references.

Features include:

- Frequently Asked Questions
- Quick Consults, Technical Tips, and Focal Points
- Disorders that mimic TMD and factors that warrant referral
- Extensive color photographs and line drawings
- A CD accompanying the book contains:
-- Recommended patient questionnaire and educational handouts (editable with Microsoft Word)
-- A 635-slide TMD course presentation (editable with PowerPoint) and accompanying student manual (editable with Microsoft Word)

From the Publisher

"This updated text is essential for any GDP or hospital practitioner. . . it contains insightful coverage, with both text and figures easily absorbed and at incredible value for money". (British Dental Journal, 25 September 2010)
"The strength of this book is in the clinical detail presented in its discussion of differential diagnosis, occlusal appliance therapy and the multidisciplinary treatment approach. The personal way in which this book was written gives the interested clinician a bird's eye view of the thinking of an experienced orofacial pain practitioner in making diagnoses and constructing reasonable treatment plans. The review of the many different types of appliances including configurations, materials, techniques and lab instructions is as comprehensive a clinical discussion as I have seen in one place. Part 4, the discussion of multidisciplinary treatment also provides lots of practical information for the clinician and really frames the discussion in an easy to understand clinical way without getting lost in the description of clinical trials and research. Dr. Wright's use of case reports in section 5 helps cement the points he makes in earlier chapters. His inclusion of appendices with diagrams, forms, and instructions and the editable files on the CD gives the clinician a windfall of material from which to draw from to create printed documents and PowerPoint presentations for patient education and for potential referring doctors. To my knowledge, it is unprecedented for an author to provide his personal lecture slides (in an editable format no less) with the purchase of the book."
(AAOP E-News, Summer 2010)

"Dr. Wright's Manual of Temporomandiblar Disorders will be a valuable addition to the library of those who treat TMD patients and institutional libraries as well." (Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod, August 2010)

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