Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry, 4th Edition

by Angus Cameron & Richard Widmer
  • Paper Cover

Suitable for students and practitioners alike, the Handbook of Paediatric Dentistry is a concise, practical and highly illustrated guide to the day-to-day management of child dental patients.

• Established as the foremost available comprehensive handbook on pediatric dentistry
• Prepared in an ‘easy-to-digest’ fashion - which allows for quick reference and easy reading
• Contains over 550 full colour line artworks, photographs and tables together with ‘Clinical Hints’ boxes to act as useful aide-mémoires
• Sets out the essentials for managing conditions such as clefting disorders, haematological and endocrine disorders, congenital cardiac disease, disorders of metabolism, organ transplantation and cancer in children as well as more familiar presentations such as dental trauma, oral infections and caries
• Detailed appendices provide the reader with information that is often difficult to find and which may be overlooked
• Designed specifically to give all practitioners confidence when managing children
• Convenient handbook size ensures that the book can be easily referred to in the clinical setting
• Endorsed by the Australasian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

• Improved layout with completely new colour illustrations
• Expanded section on sedation
• Includes details from the most recent international guidelines
• Cases expanded to show 20 year follow-up
• New chapter on clinical and surgical techniques
• New chapter on the care of children with special needs
• Major revisions of chapters on behaviour management, restorative dentistry, management of cleft lip and palate
• Increased section on radiographic pathology in children

The book contains predominantly color illustrations, with some black-and-white illustrations.

This book covers a lot of ground, is easy to navigate, points you elsewhere if you need more detail, and is enjoyable to read as well. Whether you are an undergraduate, a postgraduate or a general dental practitioner, this would be a useful text to have close at hand.
Primary Dental Care, April 2010

On re-reading this book (after initially using it as an undergraduate on clinic) I felt the following points were apparent: good content and use of colour clinical photos with a nice layout and formatting of text, good use of diagrams and colour to highlight the text, a comprehensive section on eruption dates, etc. v useful and, although not exhaustive, the ortho chapters were also useful for quick reference. Chris Rutter, VT, Amazon

Good read and easy to follow. Good tables and flowcharts in case of emergencies, traumas, abscesses, etc. Good to have if you don't see too many kids.

Amazon, Oct 2011

Comments about the second edition

On page xiii, Preface, [a comment] is quite meaningful to all of us. I write it here for your reference:

‘A lot of [golf] players say you can't play that course. That's a bunch of junk. A good player can play any course. You adapt your game to the golf course. You don't adapt the course to your game’. This is the spirit of dentistry. Can anyone of us take a few minutes to think ‘What's the feeling of visiting a dentist in childhood, especially the first time? One changed my life and gave me the chance of reading this book. So, it is a good book. Keep it!

Anon, Amazon.co.uk

The book provides many clear illustrations that are easily understood and very useful for practice. There is a special chapter talking about paedo-endodontics and a huge chapter on dental trauma which gives us references to manage the case should we ever meet one.

Fan Chun Kwok, Hong Kong, Amazon.co.uk

This book is really good especially for dentists in Australasia. I found this book to be concise and straight to the point. It is clinically focussed. Definitely recommended for the general dentist.


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