FRCS General Surgery Viva Topics and Revision Notes

by Stephen Brennan
  • Paperback

What are the indications for necrosectomy? How you perform an EUA for acute peri-anal sepsis? What do you understand by the term Early Goal-Directed Therapy (EGDT)? Remember: this is a consultant's exam, and giving a range of options is not good enough. You must tell the examiner what you as a consultant are going to do. The FRCS is a uniquely challenging prospect; highly detailed, wide-ranging and encompassing both theory and practice. Preparation for this exam can be very difficult, and resources tailored to it are scarce. As the consolidated notes of a recent successful candidate, this book is an essential resource when preparing for the viva. The wide variety of questions require you to define, diagnose or choose between treatment options, while MCQs and SBAs help you to objectively evaluate your progress - a unique supplement to your study plan. Answers provided are comprised of an invaluable combination of detailed written answers and lists that will remind you of key points and help you structure your preparation.

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ISBN: 9781846194986
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Publisher: CRC Press
Publication Date: May 4, 2011
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