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This book is a general introduction to ophthalmology for medical students, residents, or any health professional who requires a reference for the core information in ophthalmology. The Medical Student's Guide to Ophthalmology, combines critical ophthalmic knowledge with high-quality, color images and drawings. Organized according to the ocular structures and components of the eye exam rather than categories of disease to make it practical and a key learning tool. *High quality, accurate photos for a clear portrayal of detailed ophthalmic structures. *Balanced, introductory text that is not too detailed like a specialist text, but not too superficial like prevailing student books. *Organized according to the ocular structures and components of the eye exam, not by disease. *Presents key information, such as hints on diagnosis, management and treatment, in easy-to-read format. *Lists key diagnosis possibilities for the most common presentations for easy reference. *Multiple choice questions for exam review and self assessment.
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ISBN: 9781416029076
Publisher: Saunder
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 308
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