Essential ENT Second Edition

by Rogan J Corbridge
  • Softcover

This innovative and accessible guide to ear, nose and throat medicine delivers everything you need to know to develop a thorough grounding in the subject, acting as an essential course

companion and an ideal revision aid.

Written in a lively and accessible manner reflecting the author's popular lecturing style, the content has been carefully matched to meet the demands of both the undergraduate curriculum and the

core competencies for foundation study. Topics are approached in a problem-oriented manner, with basic science and clinical information integrated throughout in line with current teaching


Essential ENT, praised in the first edition for its brevity, style and illustrations, remains an essential text for undergraduate medical students and foundation doctors, an excellent aide memoire for

those embarking upon a career in ENT and studying for the Diploma in Laryngology and Otology, and a reliable companion in clinical practice for general practitioners and staff in the emergency


Table of Contents

The ENT history and examination Understanding investigations in ENT The mouth, tonsils and adenoids The salivary glands The larynx The oesophagus and dysphagia The thyroid gland The neck The ear The nose and nasopharynx The paranasal sinuses The ENT manifestations of AIDS and HIV infection Procedures in ENT Pharmacology in ENT Glossary of common terms in ENT practice

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ISBN: 9781444117950
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication Date: Jan 9, 2011
Cover: softcover
Pages: 208
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