EMQs for Dentistry, 2nd Edition

by Douglas Hammond
  • Soft Cover
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"EMQs for Dentistry" from "PasTest" offers essential subject-based practice for dental undergraduates, enabling them to highlight their strengths, target problem areas and prepare for exam success. 300 extended matching questions allow readers to test themselves, with answers and explanations throughout providing in-depth clarification. *Contaqins over 300 EMQs covering the dental undergraduate syllabus taught in the UK`s medical schools *Questions are grouped by subject enabling students to focus their revision on their weaker areas *Thorough explanations and answers for every question help students to develop their learning and understanding *Includes useful hints and tips on how to approach the exam

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ISBN: 9781905635726
Publisher: PasTest
Publication Date: May 1, 2011
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 488
Weight: 0.640 kg

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