Employee Embezzlement & Fraud in Dental Office

by Donald P Lewis, Jr., DDS, CFE
  • Soft Cover
Overview Incidents of fraud and embezzlement are on the rise, and dental offices are a particular target. This book, by a dentist in private practice, gives inside information on preventing fraud and embezzlement from occurring in your practice. After discovering that one of his own employees was embezzling money, author Donald P. Lewis Jr, DDS wants other dentists to avoid such a devastating experience. To equip you with strong preventive measures, he shares all he has learned - from the criminal investigation and interrogation, to prosecution and restitution processes - in this comprehensive guide. A must-have reference for every dental office. Benefits This book shows you how to: •Discover if your practice is a target for theft •Recognize the profile of an embezzler •Enact policies and procedures to protect yourself and avoid hiring embezzlers •Conduct background checks and testing of potential employees •Establish internal controls to prevent thefts •Identify some of the common scams and schemes used by embezzlers in dentistry
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ISBN: 978-0967390147
Publisher: Lexi-Comp
Publication Date: Jan 3, 2000
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 277
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