ECG Workbook

by Rohan Jayasinghe
  • Softcover

An easy-to-use workbook offering a logical, systematic approach to ECG (electrocardiogram) diagnosis

ECG Workbook is a practical Australian medical book approaching the ECG from a clinical diagnosis perspective.

The book covers ECG diagnoses - normal and abnormal - commonly encountered in local clinical practice. Real case studies are used throughout, along with local medical content. This makes it an ideal university book for clinical year medical students in Australia and New Zealand.

JMOs, nurses, paramedics and hospital-based GP trainees will also find ECG Workbook extremely useful.

Each ECG in this excellent Elsevier publication is presented with a brief clinical synopsis. The reader answers structured key questions for each, creating a systematic process for ECG interpretation.

ECG Workbook’s in-depth coverage and logical, systematic approach enhances students’ and clinicians’ ability to interpret ECGs in a busy clinical setting.

• Includes ECGs from real cases encountered in local practice • The reader is guided through the ECG to make the clinical diagnosis and decide on the appropriate management • Presents pathologies as case scenarios to train the reader to interpret ECGs according to specific parameters • Abnormal pathologies and normal scenarios are presented in the ECGs for the reader to analyse in order to manage the patient • Incorporates local ANZ content.

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ISBN: 9780729541091
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Publication Date: Jan 2, 2013
Cover: softcover
Pages: 224
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