Dental Clinical Advisor

by Hupp, Williams and Firriolo
  • Hard Cover
The Dental Clinical Advisor provides at-your-fingertips access to information on hundreds of medical conditions and topics relating to dental treatment and management. It covers a wealth of patient conditions, medications, and emergency situations. It explains the ramifications of certain conditions and provides diagnoses and possible treatments. A companion CD-ROM features a searchable version of the text with printable patient education handouts, in both English and Spanish, related to the books content. This 550 page book seeks to provide dentists with an all-in-one guide to hundreds of medical problemsas they impact on dental treatment and management. The overwhelming characteristic of this large book is its` clarity and it is more like a medical encyclopaedia than a textbook. BDA News 2006 *Information is specifically tailored to dentistry by pointing out the dental significance or implications of each subject, including how conditions, medications, emergencies, and more can affect dental treatment. *Consistent concise organization makes it easy to locate key information. *Covers over 300 topics from simple pharmacologic information to rare medical diseases. *Includes ICD-9 CM and CPT diagnostic/treatment codes for insurance records and categorization with outside agencies to help professionals and staff understand how particular conditions fit into insurance continuums and facilitate better communication with outside groups. *Discusses when a treatment should/can be referred to other health care providers. *Appendices present facts and tips related to a variety of more common conditions in one location for easier treatment planning *Clinical algorithms chart possible paths for managing common conditions to expedite decision making. *Reference listings suggest reliable sources for more in-depth reading on each topic. *CD-ROM contains 950 patient education handouts in English and Spanish to enhance communication between practitioners and their patients.
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ISBN: 9780323034258
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 592
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