Clinical Cases in Infectious Diseases, 1st Edition

by Sanjaya Senanayake
  • Soft Cover
Product Description Effective management of most communicable diseases involves not only a clinical response but also a public health response. This book seeks to increase the knowledge and training of clinicians and public health practitioners have of each other's work by presenting both sides of the same case. Each chapter addresses both areas: a clinician examines a patient and determines a diagnosis and treatment, and a public health officer responds to the notification of the infection. From the Back Cover Infectious diseases do not recognize geographic, political or social boundaries. Health workers everywhere, whether they are clinically-based, laboratory-based or from a public health background, must collaborate in all aspects of investigation, diagnosis and control of such infections. Clinical Cases in Infectious Diseases: A Public Health Approach increases our understanding of the synergy generated by these groups when they work closely together to fight notifiable infections. Twenty-two Clinical Cases comprehensively discuss twenty-three infections in a problem-based format. Each chapter is modelled on an interactive scenario with characters and dialogue, incorporating clinical, laboratory and public health aspects. Key features include: • at a glance provides a comprehensive overview of the disease • differential diagnoses demonstrates what serious diseases can mask as • investigations identifies what tests should be undertaken given the presentation • treatment guides the reader through current processes of clinical management • prognosis presents the likely outcomes • isolation measures identifies how to avoid an outbreak
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ISBN: 9780074716625
Publisher: Mc Graw-Hill Medical
Publication Date: Jan 11, 2007
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 480
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