Chapman & Nakielny's Aids to Radiological Differential Diagnosis: Expert Consult - Online and Print, 6th Edition

by Stephen G. Davies
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"This is a useful, pocket-sized book that is quick to reference and well-priced" RAD Magazine, Sept 14

Chapman and Nakielny’s Aids to Radiological Differential Diagnosis has become a classic resource for trainees and practitioners worldwide, to hone their knowledge of radiological differential diagnosis for the most commonly encountered conditions throughout the body. It is an invaluable quick-reference companion in everyday practice, as well as an essential study tool when preparing for the FRCR or similar examinations.

This new edition is thoroughly revised and updated in line with latest clinical practice, knowledge and guidelines. The first section presents lists of differential diagnoses, supplemented by notes on useful facts and discriminating factors. These assist with the systematic assessment of radiographs and images from other modalities. The second section offers detailed summaries of the characteristic radiological appearance of a wide range of clinical conditions.

New to this edition is complementary access to the complete, fully searchable eBook, making it even more practical to use than ever before, anytime, anywhere!

• Lists of differential diagnoses.
• Notes on radiological apperances.
• Ideal for preparation for radiological examinations.

• Now comes with full access to the complete eBook version via Expert Consult!
• Contents revised and reduced to reflect current radiological practice.
• Existing lists modernised to reflect modern imaging practice, particularly where technological advances have been made
• Revised to take account of new imaging guidelines
• Journal references updated.
• Increased number of diagrams.

Table of Contents
Part 1: 1 Bones. 2 Spine. 3 Joints. 4 Respiratory tract. 5Cardiovascular system. 6 Abdomen and gastrointestinal tract. 7 Gallbladder, liver, spleen and pancreas. 8 Adrenals, urinary tract and testes. 9 Soft tissues. 10 Breast disease and mammography. 11 Face and neck. 12 Skull and brain. 13 Gynaecology and obstetrics. 14 Paediatrics. 15 Evaluating statistics - explanations of terminology in general use.

Part 2: Alphabetical list of conditions.

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