Applied Basic Science for Basic Surgical Training International Edition, 2nd Edition

by Andrew T. Raftery
  • Softcover

"Perfect for quick refreshing or cover to cover swotting....A true gem" David Miller, 3rd year Medical Student, Glasgow University

''Applied Basic Science is an excellent textbook. The book is concise and clearly written, but at the same time gives a good depth of information. It is divided into two parts: General Pathology and Microbiology and Specific Systems. Noted experts in their fields contribute chapters within these parts. The use of diagrams and tables helps to highlight the most relevant points. Specific boxes on issues in immunodeficiency and evidence based medicine are particularly useful.'' Philip Xiu

The requirement of any aspiring surgeon to have a comprehensive knowledge of the applied basic sciences remains at the heart of surgical training. All basic surgical trainees are required to have a thorough comprehension of the scientific principles behind surgical procedures and patient management.

This book is divided into two sections:

• the basic principles of general pathology and microbiology
• the anatomy, physiology and special pathology of the specific systems which a basic surgical trainee would be expected to know.

For this Second Edition many of the chapters have been updated, especially the chapters on immunology, basic microbiology, the endocrine and locomotor systems and the breast. An attempt has been made throughout to indicate the clinical relevance of the facts and the reason for learning them. There are several new contributors to the author team, all of whom are experts in their field and many of them are, or have been, experienced examiners at the various UK Royal Colleges.

Although this book has been written to encompass the basic anatomy, physiology and pathology required by the syllabus of the UK Royal Colleges and the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Project, it contains the necessary information required for equivalent international examinations and assessments.

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Publication Date: Jan 3, 2008
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