Andrews' Diseases of the Skin, International Edition, 11th edition: Clinical Dermatology - Expert Consult - Online and Print

by William D. James, Dirk M. Elston, Timothy G. Berger, George Clinton Andrews
  • Softcover

The 11th Edition of the classic Andrews’ Diseases of the Skin, by Drs. William D. James, Timothy G. Berger and Dirk M. Elston, provides the ultimate foundation in dermatology with comprehensive guidance to effectively diagnose and treat a wide range of skin conditions. These highly respected authors balance evidence-based treatment guidelines with advice from their own clinical experience, offering a practical and realistic medical perspective. Updated throughout with the latest dermatologic findings and a new chapter on cosmetic surgical techniques, this title helps you keep current, improve your skills, and prepare for exams. It also includes online access to the complete text, images, and bonus illustrations making this an indispensable, convenient reference for trainees and practicing dermatologists.

  • Practice with confidence through the valued authorship of seasoned professionals Dr. William D. James, Dr. Timothy G. Berger, and Dr. Dirk M. Elston.
  • Rapidly improve your knowledge of skin conditions through a concise, clinically focused, user-friendly format.
  • Obtain thorough guidance on clinical presentation and therapy for a full range of common and rare skin diseases.
  • Confirm your diagnoses by comparing your clinical findings to more than 1,150 illustrations, 40% of which are brand new.
  • Update your surgical skills with chapters devoted to basic dermatologic, laser, and cosmetic surgery, contributed by Dr. Issac M. Neuhaus.
  • Search the complete contents online, download all the illustrations, and view an additional 400 images, at

In Andrews’ Diseases of the Skin, the authors provide practicing dermatologists and residents with the core information needed.

Reviewer: Patricia Wong, MD(Stanford University Medical Center)
Description: This all-time favorite of mine continues to improve with each new edition. It is devoted to clinical practicality — diagnosis and management of various skin diseases. The 11th edition has more color photographs than its predecessor and the information is current, concise, and well organized.
Purpose: It is intended to be a useful and accessible reference for busy dermatologists who wish to look up information quickly and an invaluable resource for budding dermatologists in training.
Audience: The audience is dermatologists and dermatology residents.
Features: The clinical information on diagnosis and management is this book's greatest asset. The authors generously share their wealth of practical knowledge. Many of the tips provided to lead one to make the correct diagnosis will not be found in other books. The lack of repetition and the effort to avoid overwhelming readers with too much minutiae on research findings are great features. This is a most practical and valuable book for clinical dermatologists, regardless of level of training.
Assessment: This is a great reference for dermatologic trainees and seasoned dermatologists alike. The clinical descriptions of skin disorders are well detailed and include tips on how to differentiate similar appearing entities. It continues to be in my top ten picks for my dermatology library. I urge all dermatologists to own it.

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