Accident and Emergency Radiology: A survival guide 2nd Edition

by Nigel Raby, Gerald De Lacey, and Laurence Berman
  • Soft Cover
Review "....a perfect resource for quick learning or decision-making in a variety of settings." -- Annals of Emergency Medicine, Vol.47 No. 3: March 2006 Review "Recommended to Radiologists and Emergency Room personnel as an in-hospital reference. The sample x-rays included within the chapters provide physicians with an added advantage as they serve to recreate real-life clinical situations." The Electronic Review, January/February 2006 "I recommend this book to beginning and/or intermediate level radiology trainees, as well as other medical professionals involved in urgent care.", March 2005
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ISBN: 9780702026676
Publisher: Saunder
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 352
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