250 Cases in Clinical Medicine International Edition, 4th Edition

by Ragavendra R. Baliga
  • Softcover

A new, fully updated edition of Baliga's very popular collection of short cases arranged by clinical area, emphasising the key diagnostic features of clinical conditions as commonly presented in the short-case part of the Final MB and MRCP examinations. Also included are likely instructions or commands expected from the examiner for each condition, and the key points which the candidate must tell the examiner. A must-have for the final-year undergraduate and trainee doctor.
From customer reviews of the previous edition:

'This book is the most useful guide that money can buy for the final exams in the current MBChB undergraduate course. It covers important areas of clinical medicine in a question based format and highlights classical scenarios. The questions raised are classical of examiners in the long and short case examinations.
This is a must buy for any undergraduate medical student!!!'

'The book is a must during the period that the young doctor or student is on the wards. It allows one to focus on the important physical findings and the relavant clinical pearls associated with the different medical conditions met... It discusses important physical findings and their diagnostic importance. I have found it useful in preparing for attending ward rounds and also for sharpening my clinical skills. The discussion section is well organised such that undergraduates as well as postgaduates can benifit and the material is up to date with good references for further reading.'

'Excellent preparation for finals as well the MRCP ...MUST HAVE before MRCP PACES.'

British orientation; covers cases arranged in frequency with which they are seen, salient features, dx etc

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Publisher: Saunder
Publication Date: Jan 3, 2012
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Pages: 925
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