The ECG Made Easy, International Edition, 7th Edition

by John Hampton
  • Soft Cover

Review "The ECG Made Easy has for some time been the pocket reference for junior doctors... invaluable in a clinical setting."Nursing Standard godsend to thousands of practising physicians and surgeons who have never mastered the ECG, but always felt they should have done."European Medical Journal fact that 'The ECG Made Easy' is now in its sixth edition must be testament to the enduring popularity of this book. It's an easy step-by-step readable guide to how to interpret ECGs." Medical Student, MAD Magazine (Medics and Dentists at Barts and The London), April 2003 good starter, but you may need some help. One of the most popular introductory texts on this subject. All the basic concepts for understanding this topic are included, though there could be more emphasis on possible areas of confusion; such as the different between leads and wires . This book also suffers from only being pocket sized and having pocket sized tracings, and on pages that depict limb and chest leads the layout could be improved to show that they are separate groups. For a newcomer to this subject you may not find it all that easy, as the explanations may need some practical demonstrations from an accomplished teacher with topics such as the cardiac axis. However this book does avoid the jargon and physiology that can be off putting in most other introductory texts. If this book leaves you with further questions, you would probably also need and indeed benefit from the author s two other titles The ECG in Practice and 100 ECG Problems . This would enable you to improve your skills of interpretation, and the three titles bought over time would provide an adequate inexpensive reference shelf for most health care workers. The ECG is never easy to understand for beginners, but this book does at least try."Review on --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. This highly respected and famous book is a simple, readable guide to the accurate identification and interpretation of abnormal electrocardiogram (ECG) patterns, written for medical students, nurses and junior doctors. The emphasis throughout is on the straightforward practical application of the ECG. Generations of medical and health care staff have benefited from its clear-cut approach to this important investigation. •A practical and highly informative guide to a difficult subject. •Provides a full understanding of the ECG in the diagnosis and management of abnormal cardiac rhythms. •Emphasises the role of the full 12 lead ECG with realistic reproduction of recordings. •A new page size and text design give a much clearer presentation of the ECGs. •An expanded section focuses on the practical aspects of making a recording. •Over 20 new ECG recordings included. •A new chapter on how to use the ECG. •An expanded self-testing chapter with clinical scenarios and advice on clinical management. Detailed answers are cross-referenced to ECG in Practice and 150 ECG Problems to help the reader who wishes to read further on a topic.

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ISBN: 9780443068263
Series: Made Easy
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Publication Date: Jan 6, 2008
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 192
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