Learning Radiology, 2nd edition: Recognizing the Basics, With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access

by William Herring
  • Softcover

Learning Radiology: Recognizing the Basics, 2nd Edition, is an image-filled, practical, and clinical introduction to this integral part of the diagnostic process. William Herring, MD, a skilled radiology teacher, masterfully covers everything you need to know to effectively interpret medical images. Learn the latest on ultrasound, MRI, CT, and more, in a time-friendly format with brief, bulleted text and abundant high-quality images. Then ensure your mastery of the material with additional online content, bonus images, and self-assessment exercises at www.studentconsult.com.

• Identify a wide range of common and uncommon conditions based upon their imaging findings.

• Quickly grasp the fundamentals you need to know through easy-access bulleted text and more than 700 images.

• Arrive at diagnoses by following a pattern recognition approach, and logically overcome difficult diagnostic challenges with the aid of decision trees.

• Learn from the best, as Dr. Herring is both a skilled radiology teacher and the host of his own specialty website, www.learningradiology.com.

• Easily master the fundamental principles of MRI, ultrasound, and CT with new chapters that cover principles of each modality and the recognition of normal and abnormal findings.

Know the basics and be more confident when interpreting diagnostic imaging studies

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