Wong's Clinical Manual of Pediatric Nursing, 8th Edition

by David Wilson , Marilyn J. Hockenberry
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Portable and convenient, Wong's Clinical Manual of Pediatric Nursing, 8th Edition is your "go-to" clinical guide for the care of children and their families, whether in the hospital, clinic, community setting, or home. It includes assessment tools that may be used in practice, nursing care plans for specific disorders, and new information on pediatric pain assessment and management. Evidence-based guidelines are updated and also include patient teaching instructions, so you'll find all information on a specific procedure in one location. Written by leading pediatric experts David Wilson and Marilyn Hockenberry, this reference includes a companion Evolve website with nursing care plans that may be customized and printed for use with individual patients.

• Complete, concise assessment data on general health, specific problems, nutrition, sleep, and growth and development is easy to access in the clinical setting.
• UNIQUE! Evidence-based interventions include guidelines for treating pediatric patients and providing information to their families and caregivers, with new interventions added on phototherapy and asthma inhalers.
• UNIQUE! Safety Alerts highlight safety information throughout the book.
• UNIQUE! Atraumatic Care boxes contain techniques for care that minimize pain, discomfort, and stress.
• Nursing Care Plans include guidelines and examples for developing care plans for patients, and a companion Evolve website allows you to modify, customize, and print these care plans.
• UNIQUE! A community focus includes guidelines to interventions, patient teaching, and home care, along with Community Focus boxes throughout book.
• Tables and charts for health promotion summarize nutrition, immunizations, safety and injury prevention, and parental guidance.
• Common laboratory test data is provided at your fingertips.

• UNIQUE! Modifiable Nursing Care Plans for 24 pediatric conditions are included in the care plan constructor on the companion Evolve website.
• UNIQUE! Patient teaching instructions on Evolve allow you to print and disseminate sets of easy-to-understand instructions to caregivers, with 15 translated into Spanish.
• NEW Pain Assessment and Management unit presents pain management strategies for the neonate, child, and adolescent.
• NEW! Full-color photos of dermatologic conditions help you diagnose the pediatric dermatologic problems most commonly seen in practice.


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