Urology at a Glance, 1st Edition

by Hashim Hashim (Editor), Prokar Dasgupta (Editor)
  • Paperback

Following the undergraduate curriculum set by the British Association of Urological Surgeons, Urology at a Glance offers practical advice on diagnosis and management of one of the most rapidly developing medical specialties.
Building on basic science, the book provides an overview of clinical approaches to assist the medical student or junior doctor on rotation, as well as looking at practical procedures and specific details of the most commonly encountered urological disorders.
Vibrantly illustrated and containing common clinical scenarios, Urology at a Glance provides all the information and latest guidelines needed for a medical student or junior doctor to excel in this field.

Table of Contents
Contributors vii
Preface ix
About the companion website x
Part 1 Urological history, examination and investigations 1
1 Taking a urological history 2
2 Male genital examination 4
3 Female genital examination 6
4 Urological investigations 8
5 Abdominal pain 11
Part 2 Kidney and ureter 15
6 Urolithiasis 16
7 Renal failure 21
Part 3 Bladder 25
8 Lower urinary tract symptoms 26
9 Urinary tract infections 34
10 Urinary incontinence 40
11 Neuropathic bladder 44
Part 4 Andrology 47
12 Scrotal swelling and pain 48
13 Male infertility 52
14 Erectile dysfunction 54
Part 5 Urological cancers 57
15 Urological malignancies 58
16 Haematuria 68
Part 6 Paediatric urology 71
17 Common urological conditions in childhood 72
Part 7 Urological trauma 75
18 Urinary tract trauma including spinal cord injury 76
Part 8 Urological procedures and equipment 81
19 Urological procedures and equipment 82
Index 90

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