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Visit www.atlasoffamilymedicine.com for sample chapters, images, the full table of contents, and more! From a JAMA Review "This book was a genuine treat to review. The more than 1000 pages are chock full of figures and photographs illustrating virtually every illness seen by a family physician or other specialist. But this book, edited by 4 family physicians and an obstetrician-gynecologist, is much more than simply a pictorial atlas. Various chapters are written by family physicians as well as specialists. "The Color Atlas of Family Medicine is a comprehensive visual guide to daily patient care. It will be valuable to medical students, residents, and all practicing physicians. I recommend that it be included in the library of every family medicine residency program. It is an excellent reference and it will be enjoyed by anyone who reads the patient stories or anyone who just wants to look at the figures and photographs. I think this book is a classic example of why the Internet will try but never take the place of a well-written hardbound textbook." --JAMA 5 STAR DOODY'S REVIEW! "This is what a modern textbook should be. It is concise yet comprehensive in the breadth of topics and, as the title suggests, robust with color photographs of extraordinarily good quality. "The editors state clearly in the preface that family physicians see a wide variety of conditions that lend themselves to an atlas such as this, and they support the pictures with evidence-based information, which makes this book so worthwhile and valuable. The editors and contributors balance the images and text, in an extremely useful way. "Although the title puts the focus on family physicians, the book clearly is a tremendous resource for all, including internal medicine practitioners, students, and those in every specialty who may only rarely encounter some of these conditions. The list of contributors is extensive and well balanced, bringing together experts from all specialties of medicine. "By far, this is one of the best, most useful textbooks I have seen in a very long time. It is a must for the library of every primary care physician." -- Doody's Review Service 1500 superb clinical photographs covering the full scope of family medicine The Color Atlas of Family Medicine features 1500 full-color photographs depicting both common and uncommon appearances of diseases and presentations that clinicians encounter every day. No other resource offers such a comprehensive collection of these diagnosis-speeding images as this essential atlas. No matter what the presentation, all the visual guidance you need for successful patient management is right here at your fingertips. *Complete coverage of relevant visual presentations that clinicians see and often struggle with in their day-to-day practice *Organized and indexed by organ system, disease, morphology, and region--ideal for quickly finding the images and text you need at the point-of-care *Evidence-graded, quick access treatment recommendations in an user-friendly format to help you provide up-to-date care for your patients *Insightful legends with each photograph provide diagnostic pearls to increase your clinical observational skills *Color pictures of skin conditions, eye problems, women's health issues, oral diseases, infectious diseases, endoscopies, dermoscopies, orthopedic and rheumatologic conditions fill the book with images that enhance your clinical experience and skills *An encyclopedic array of colorful, high quality clinical photographs
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ISBN: 9780071474641
Publisher: Mc Graw-Hill Medical
Publication Date: Jan 12, 2008
Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 1108
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