Textbook of Orthodontics

by Samir E. Bishara
  • Hard Cover
This is a comprehensive textbook written for the dental student. Dr. Bishara and contributors present the fundamentals of orthodontics with a simple, easy to follow approach. The book contains 31 chapters divided into 6 sections: Growth and Development; Diagnosis; Appliances; Treatment and Treatment Considerations; Orthodontics and Adjunct Treatment; and Review of Orthodontic Topics. =Table of Contents Section I: Growth and Development Overview of General Embryology and Head and Neck Development; Principles of Cleft Lip and Palate Formation;Summary of Postnatal Growth; Introduction to Growth of the Face; Development of the Dental Occlusion ; Dental Arch Development; Facial and Dental Changes in Adolescence; Etiology and Prevalence of Malocclusion Section II: Diagnosis; Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning; Cephalometric Analysis; Iowa Longitudinal Cephalometric Standards; Tooth-Size Arch Length Analysis; An Approach to the Diagnosis of Different Malocclusions; Section III: Appliances Fixed Edgewise Orthodontic Appliances and Bonding Techniques; How Orthodontic Appliances Work; Steps in Orthodontic Treatment; Section IV: Treatment and Treatment Considerations Orthodontic Treatment in the Primary Dentition; Mixed Dentition Guidance of Occlusion: Serial Extraction Procedures; Treatment of Class I Non-Extraction Problems and Appliances; Treatment of Class II Malocclusion; Management of Class III Malocclusion in the Primary and Mixed Dentition; Orthodontic Treatment Considerations Related to Age and Severity in the Vertical and Sagittal Dimensions; Skeletal and Dental Considerations in the Transverse Dimension; Section V :Orthodontics and Adjunct Treatment; Periodontal Considerations During Orthodontic Treatment; Behavioural Considerations in Orthodontic Treatment; Root Resorptions and Tissue Changes During Orthodontic Treatment; Section VI: Review of Various Orthodontic Topics Temporomandibular Disorders and Orthodontic Treatment; Adjunctive Orthodontic Therapy in Adults; Etiology, Classification, Diagnosis and Management of Facial Asymmetries; Surgical Orthodontics
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ISBN: 9780721682891
Publisher: Saunder
Publication Date: Jan 4, 2001
Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 592
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