Skills for Midwifery Practice, 3rd Edition: with Pageburst online access

by Ruth Johnson, Wendy Taylor
  • Softcover

This highly acclaimed step-by-step guide provides the relevant physiology, available evidence and rationale for each clinical skill. In a highly readable format, 'Skills for Midwifery Practice' offers self-assessment and short summaries, as well as detailed instruction on achieving a range of clinical skills.

Tells you everything you need to know about:

• Abdominal examination
• Assessment of maternal and neonatal vital signs
• Infection control
• Hygiene needs
• Elimination management
• Drug administration
• Intrapartum and other related childbearing skills
• Assessment of the baby
• Infant nutrition
• Phlebotomy and intravenous therapy
• Moving and handling
• Perioperative skills
• Wound management
• Restricted mobility management
• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the woman and baby

• An essential midwifery textbook that covers the fundamental practical tasks required of the student
• Clear layout ensures easy access to information
• Highly illustrated to aid understanding
• Designed to improve competency when delivering basic skills

• Expanded chapter on the skills used during the first stage of labour
• Application of national guideline for the management of care
• Postnatal examination
• Discussion of the use of infrared touch/non-touch thermometry techniques
• Specific information on locating pulse sites
• More on SATS monitoring
• Increased information on the skills for the second stage of labour, infant feeding and daily examination of the baby
• Greater reference to infection control protocols and the reduction of hospital-acquired infections.

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