Practical Guide To The Care Of The Pediatric Patient, 2nd Edition: Practical Guide Series

by by Anthony J. Alario, MD and Jonathan Birnkrant, MD
  • Soft Cover
If you need a practical, portable resource to get you through the day-to-day management of pediatric patients, this book is the answer! It zeroes in on the differential diagnoses, clinical findings, lab values, and treatment guidelines you need...and makes them easy to access quickly! =Key Features •The latest clinical information on common syndromes and organ system abnormalities in the pediatric patient helps you provide effective, state-of-the-art care. •Extensive coverage of differential diagnoses, therapies, and much more, helps you select the best approaches for your patients. •Authoritative guidance on routine health maintenance and preventative medicine enhances quality of life for your patients. •A reader-friendly outline format enables you to locate the answers you need quickly. =New to this Edition •New chapters on differential diagnosis and child maltreatment. •Up-to-date vaccination and immunization recommendations help you maximize disease prevention. •Extensive appendices with growth charts, comparative tables, and more, streamline patient management. •Streamlined, more focused content reduces the size of the book, making it even more practical and portable. •A new, 2-color design enhances readability and expedites information retrieval.
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ISBN: 9780323036702
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: Jan 11, 2007
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 976
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