Periodontics: Medicine, Surgery and Implants

by Louis F. Rose, Brian Mealey, and Robert Genco
  • Hard Cover

This definitive book presents the medical and surgical aspects of periodontics in full color, organized to coincide with topics in the AAP`s Vision 2020 Objectives. It offers strong theory and concepts, as well as highly instructive clinical practice applications. The hallmark of this book is that it directs dental diagnosis and treatment toward controlling infection and establishing an oral environment that is conducive to the overall health and well-being of the patient. Interrelationships between oral and systemic health are emphasized throughout, and advanced technologies and techniques such as oral, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and dental implant surgery are key components. *All goals and objectives of the American Academy of Periodontology`s Vision 2020 program are addressed, highlighting the most up-to-date information on periodontal medicine. *Content is organized to coincide with the AAP`s Vision 2020 Objectives. *Full color illustrations show the tissue colors and provide critical information about diagnosis of disease and assessment of the success or failure of clinical therapy. *Information is provided on all forms of nonsurgical and surgical therapies, including dental implant surgery and advanced surgical techniques such as guided bone regeneration, sinus augmentation, and esthetic periodontal surgery. *The chapters dealing with mucogingival surgery, resective surgery, and the basic principles of surgery essentially make up a color atlas of periodontal practice. *A comprehensive chapter on conscious sedation offers excellent content as an option for patients who want to be ``asleep`` during involved procedures. *Information on when and how to use antibiotics and antimicrobials adds a critical component to the interrelationship between oral and systemic health. *No other periodontal reference includes a chapter on electronic dental health records, with highly relevant content as more and more dental practices move toward becoming ``paperless`` offices. *A separate chapter on the role of the dental hygienist in periodontal procedures makes this the perfect reference for in-office education. *Information on periodontal instrumentation provides an excellent overview of the instruments that practitioners and their support staff use every day.

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Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
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