Pass Finals: A Companion to Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine, 2nd Edition

by Geoff Smith, Elizabeth Carty, Louise Langmead
  • Soft Cover
This is a notes-style summary of the diagnosis and management of key diseases in clinical medicine. The concise style is especially helpful to students with limited time available for exam preparation. The book is directly linked to Kumar & Clark Clinical Medicine, with page cross references to help the reader find additional information. Information is presented as bullet point lists and short summaries. There are also practice questions in various styles at the end of each chapter, with explanatory answers at the end of the book. *A new chapter on OSCEs (Objectively Structured Clinical Examinations), in response to increasing use of OSCEs in medical student exams *Examples of OSCE stations and advice on how to approach them included in all chapters *Increased use of line diagrams and breakout boxes for the important topics *X-ray images and CT scans added *An additional section on the newer clinical assessment tools (e.g. miniCEX) *MCQ questions re-written into ‘best of five’ and extended matching format *More self-assessment questions in each chapter *Oncology chapter expanded
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ISBN: 9780702028779
Publisher: Saunder
Publication Date: Jan 12, 2007
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 632
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