Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry, 3rd edition

by David Semple, Roger Smyth
  • Softcover

Fully revised and updated for the new edition, the Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry provides the most up-to-date information clinically relevant to the doctor on the ground. Using a presentation-based format it provides detailed advice on clinical decision making after diagnosis. This handbook is an indispensable companion for any professional working in psychiatric medicine.
Covering all major psychiatric conditions and sub-specialties, this handbook provides practical and comprehensive guidelines and in-depth coverage of psychiatric assessment, psychopathology, evidence-based practice, therapeutic issues, and transcultural psychiatry. Fully up-to-date with the latest revisions of the DSM-IV and the ICD10, it is indexed alphabetically by classification codes and acute presentations for quick access. It reflects the recent major changes to psychiatric training and examination as well as the latest drug information. Reviewed by experienced clinicians, and revised by Specialist Trainees, this handbook not only gives expert advice for psychiatry professionals, but is also directly relevant to trainees in psychiatry. For the third edition, new information includes guidance on Adult ADHD, information on new drugs of abuse (e,g, GBL, GHB, mephodrone), and clinical decision-making in the prison setting. With such broad coverage and depth of guidance, this is the must-have pocket guide for all professionals and trainees working in psychiatry.

Table of Contents

1. Thinking about psychiatry
2. Psychiatric assessment
3. Symptoms of psychiatric illness
4. Evidence-based psychiatry
5. Organic illness
6. Schizophrenia and related psychoses
7. Depressive illness
8. Bipolar illness
9. Anxiety and stress-related disorders
10. Eating and impulse-control disorders
11. Sleep disorders
12. Sexual disorders
13. Personality disorders
14. Old age psychiatry
15. Substance misuse
16. Child and adolescent psychiatry
17. Forensic psychiatry
18. Learning disability
19. Liaison psychiatry
20. Psychotherapy
21. Legal issues
22. Transcultural psychiatry
23. Therapeutic issues
24. Difficult and urgent situations
25. Useful resources
26. ICD-10/DSM-IV index

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