MRCP 2 Practice Papers 3rd edition

by by Dr Hans-Ulrich Laasch
  • Soft Cover
The MRCP Part 2 Examination is increasingly orientated around evidence based medicine, up-to-date patient management and current guidelines. MRCP 2 Practice Papers 3rd edition combines the three sections of the exam; case histories, data interpretations and photographic material, to give candidates all round practice. •Contains questions in Best of Five and 'n' from many format for effective exam preparation •Features complete answers, marking schemes and detailed teaching notes for every question, so candidates can gauge their own performance •Includes expert advice on successful examination technique •A comprehensive index enables easy access to specific topics •Ranges of normal values are included for easy reference
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ISBN: 9781901198171
Series: PasTest
Publisher: PasTest
Publication Date: Jan 6, 2003
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 496
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