Master the Wards Internal Medicine Clerkship: Survive Clerkship & Ace the Shelf

by Conrad Fischer
  • Softcover

The three-month Internal Medicine clerkship plunges senior med students into the hospital floor, the emergency department, and the clinic. What is expected of you? What should you expect? You need a "how to" book for your first clinical experience.

Master the Wards Internal Medicine Clerkship combines the advice of med school students on their third- and fourth-year rotations with the expectations of residents and attending teaching physicians. With charts, diagrams, and dozens of full-color diagnostic images, this concise guide will help you survive the daily challenges of clerkship—and thrive!


* How to prepare for rounding

* What residents look for on rounds, and what will you be asked

* How diseases present to the emergency department or ambulatory center, and how to quickly assess patients

* The most frequent chief complaint for each disease, in the words patients use

* When to treat immediately, before testing

* What tests are needed first

* How and when to prepare for case presentations

* How to write process notes

* Solid advice on efficiency and survival from peers who have been there

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ISBN: 9781609781378
Publisher: Kaplan Publishing
Publication Date: Jan 4, 2013
Cover: softcover
Pages: 368
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