Manual of Clinical Periodontics, 4th Edition

by rancis G. Serio, DMD, MS, MBA
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This visually cued manual is designed as a practical reference for general dentists, dental hygienists, and students. It is useful in both clinical and educational settings. Organized by basic principles of periodontics, the Manual of Clinical Periodontics presents information in a question-and-answer, bulleted format and offers straightforward approaches to periodontal diseases, diagnosis, and therapy options, including sample treatment plans.


- Over 400 drawings and color photographs
- 18 tabbed sections for easy access
- 5 new chapters and new images within Implant Considerations section

Table of Content

Ch. 1
Problem-Based Periodontal Diagnosis and Disease Management 5
Health and Disease 5
Disease Categories 5
Diagnosis and Classification 5
Evidence-Based Thinking 8
Parameters of Care 8

Ch. 2
Anatomy, Histology, and Physiology of the Periodontium 9
Functions of the Periodontium 9
Surface Characteristics of the Periodontium 9
Histology of the Periodontium 10
Clinically Healthy Gingiva 10
Supporting Structures Beneath the Gingiva 11
Blood Supply 12
Innervation 13
Biologic Width 13
Attachment Apparatus 13
Gingival Crevicular Fluid 13

Ch. 3
Etiology and Classification of the Periodontal Diseases 15
Concepts of Etiology 15
Biofilms 15
Features of Periodontal Pathogens 16
Dental Calculus 17
Risk Factors - Local and Systemic 18
Classification of Periodontal Diseases 22
1999 Classification System 23
Distinguishing Characteristics of Gingivitis, Periodontitis, and Other Periodontal Diseases and Conditions 29

Ch. 4
Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning 31
Risk Assessment 31
Components of the Clinical Periodontal Examination 31
Instruments and Materials for Periodontal Assessment 34
Radiographic Examination 34
Periodontal Screening and Recording Examination 34
Adjunctive Diagnostic Techniques 35
Periodontal Treatment Planning 36
Sample Periodontal Treatment Plans 36
Periodontal Prognosis 39

Ch. 5
Prevention of Disease and Maintenance of Health 41
Toothbrushing Methods 41
Interproximal Cleaning 41
Antimicrobial Agents 42
Dentifrices 43
Therapeutic Endpoints 43
Clinical Parameters of Success 43
Maintenance of Periodontal Health 44

Ch. 6
Nonsurgical Treatment: Scaling and Root Planing, Occlusal Therapy, and Antibiotic Therapy 47
Scaling and Root Planning 47
Occlusal Trauma 52
Occlusal Therapy 52
Antibiotic Therapy 58
Suggested Systemic Antibiotic Regimens 59
Local Antibiotic Therapy 60

Ch. 7
Surgical Treatment: Principles 61
Basic Principles 61
Flap Surgery 63
Anatomic Landmarks 66
Wound Closure 68
Wound Healing 70

Ch. 8
Surgical Treatment: Repair, Resection and Regeneration 73
Gingivectomy 73
Electrosurgery 74
Apically-Positioned Flap 75
Classification of Osseous Defects 77
Crown Lengthening 82
Periodontal Regeneration 83
Mechanisms for Bone Growth 83
Materials for Regenerative Therapy 87
Techniques Used in Regenerative Therapy 88

Ch. 9
Surgical Treatment: Periodontal Plastic Surgery 91
Defects Treated by Periodontal Plastic Surgery Procedures 91
Aesthetic Evaluation 91
Gingival Recession 92
Alveolar Ridge Defects 93
Excessive Gingival Display - Diagnosis and Treatment 94
Procedures Used in Periodontal Plastic Surgery 94

Ch. 10
Periodontal Emergencies 105
Diagnosis of Periodontal Emergencies 105
Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment of Periodontal Emergencies 105
Differential Diagnosis of an Endodontic and Periodontal Abscess 107

Ch. 11

Considerations in Implant Dentistry 109
Biomechanics of Modern Implants 109
Signs of a Healthy and Ailing Implant 109
Protocol for Implant Maintenance 110
Medical Considerations in the Periodontal Patient 114
Calcium Channel Blockers and Gingival Hyperplasia 115
Dental Drug Interactions: Update on Drug Combinations Requiring Special Considerations 116
Occupations! Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens (Universal Precautions) 121
Predominant Cultivable Microorganisms of the Oral Cavity 124
Reference Values for Adults 125
Dentifrice Products 128
Oral Rinse Products 133
Prescription Writing 134
Safe Writing Practices 136
Insurance Coding for the Periodontal Patient 137
Selected Readings - General 141
Selected Readings - Specific 142

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