Lexi-Pregnancy and Lactation

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OVERVIEW: Lexi-Comp has developed the Lexi-Pregnancy & Lactation database to offer in-depth, detailed content on drug use during pregnancy and breast-feeding. This evolving database reviews the most commonly-used drugs for women of reproductive age and pregnant women. THE BENEFITS: Medication-related information addressed in this resource includes: Pregnancy issues related to the fetus/infant Pregnancy issues related to the mother Data from human and animal studies Detailed information on how much drug enters breast milk and subsequently reaches the infant Monographs may also include a Pregnancy Registry contact information field and a Selected Readings section listing the clinical guidelines related to the use of the drug in pregnant women. Please note: Lexi-Comp PDA software products operate during the subscription period only. If the product is not renewed, access will terminate.
Publisher: Lexi-Comp
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
Cover: Unspecified
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