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OVERVIEW: Lexi-CLINICAL SUITE combines five of our most popular clinical databases in one convenient package. This collection provides access to information most frequently requested during patient diagnosis and care. Seamless linking between databases allows you to review drug monograph details, check for possible interactions, and recommend diagnostic procedures quickly and with ease, saving time and improving efficiency in your busy daily schedule. Lexi-CLINICAL SUITE includes Lexi-Drugs, consistently rated #1 in medical reviews and studies, together with Lexi-Interact, our powerful drug interactions database. THE BENEFITS: Lexi-CLINICAL SUITE provides an economical way of purchasing the databases required most by healthcare professionals involved directly with patient care. INCLUDED DATABASES: Lexi-Drugs Lexi-Interact Lexi-Lab & Diagnostic Procedures Harrison's Practice Lexi-CALC Device Question_#063_ Please note: Lexi-Comp PDA software products operate during the subscription period only. If the product is not renewed, access will terminate.
Publisher: Lexi-Comp
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
Cover: Unspecified
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