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As implant dentistry continues to evolve, one of the most promising new treatment strategies is immediate loading. Recent studies have demonstrated that immediate loading actually stimulates peri-implant osteogenesis by accelerating the fracture repair process, thereby increasing implant retention while minimizing surgical invasiveness, treatment time, and the psychologic distress of the patient. This book, written by a team of researchers and clinicians with specialized knowledge and experience in the field of implant dentistry, synthesizes all the considerations that affect immediate loading protocols, first explaining the biology that underpins the innovate strategy and systematically moving through all the stages of the process, from the presurgical diagnosis to the posttreatment management. The authors emphasize the importance of the prosthetic-implant team working as a unit, demonstrating that only through close collaboration among specialists can a high degree of predictability and success be achieved. Because the authors original research underlies the therapeutic protocols and clinical applications they advance, this book offers the most precise, reliable, and updated information currently available on the subject.
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ISBN: 9781850972020
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing
Publication Date: Jan 7, 2010
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