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Images from the Wards: Diagnosis and Treatment is an exciting visual resource for in-training and practicing physicians. James Studdiford, Marc Altshuler, Brooke Salzman, and Amber Tully present this comprehensive, focused image-based reference and review for diagnosis and treatment with compelling images—selected from a large bank of medical pictures in a teaching database at Jefferson Medical College—that underscore important teaching points. These 517 high-yield images represent what you might see during clinical rotations and encounter on a certification exam. The book provides self-assessment and Board-style multiple choice questions and clinical correlations to prepare you for USMLE Steps 2 and 3. This is the most effective clinical resource and review tool for licensure or re-certification. =Reviews "This is an image-based book designed to provide a visual library of common findings in the primary care (inpatient and outpatient) setting. It is organized by body part, and teaching points are made through clinical vignettes and board-style questions. This book offers a stunning collection of photographs of distinct physical exam findings that may be seen in a primary care setting. The photographs could be larger, but they effectively convey pathology. Teaching points are short, concise, and well conveyed. The board style questions provide an additional interactive feature through which the reader can solidify the information." -- Heather Huang, MD(Rush University Medical Center), Doody's Review =Key Features •Presents the most common and important clinical images of cases that you will encounter in a hospital or on a licensure or certification exam through 517 illustrations. •Features self-assessment and Board-style multiple choice questions based on clinical vignettes to support the learning and review process. •Provides concise but detailed clinical correlations to serve as an effective daily clinical resource and review for USMLE Steps 2 and 3, certification exams, or recertification. •Covers the staging and variations of each disease through images that clarify the entire process. •Captures each disease process in a consistent format for quick and effective reference and review. =Table of Contents 1 SCALP 2 FACE 3 EARS AND NOSE 4 EYES 5 OROPHARYNX 6 NECK 7 ARM 8 HAND 9 BACK 10 CHEST 11 ABDOMEN 12 GENITALIA 13 LEG 14 FOOT 15 SKIN 16 GENETIC DISORDERS 17 PHYSICAL FINDINGS OF SYSTEMIC DISEASES Appendix A: SELECTED ULTRASOUND IMAGES Appendix B: CLASSIC IMAGES FROM GASTROINTESTINAL
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